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September 2017

Lab Away Day

2 September 2017

This summer, we teamed up with Professor Martin Knight's group again, for a walk and BBQ, picking one of the best sunny days we've had in months!



July 2017

Graduation Day

21 July 2017

Congratulations Princess,  Alice and Krystof who all graduated on 21st July! Princess  was graduating after completeing her PhD, and Alice and Krystof after their Bachelors degree, working with our group on their project and over this summer. We all had a great time celebrating with them!


June 2017

Screen Group at SB3C

23 June 2017

Well done to Marta Godinho, Dan Rowson and Dharmesh Patel, who all had abstracts accepted for oral presentations the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference in Tuscon, USA. It was super to have Dr Chavaunne Thorpe return to give Dharmesh's presentation and Marta, Dan and Chavaunne all did a fantastic job! Unfortunately Tuscon was having the hottest weather on record for many years during the conference, which is a bit hotter than we are used to, but they all managed brilliantly. Here they are braving it out in the sunshine with the beautiful surrounding scenery! 

Congratulations Jacky

21 June 2017

Well done to Jacky who just had the first paper from his PhD published A2B-Miktoarm Glycopolymer Fibers and Their Interactions with Tenocytes in Bioconjugate Chemistry. Jacky is working with Dr Becer and Prof Screen, designing new polymers we can use in tendon repair. 

Congratulations Alice

20 June 2017

Many congratulations to Alice who just won the  IMechE Heathcare Awards best project prize for 2017. She gave a super presentation of her work at the IMechE headquarters on Tuesday. We look forward to completing and publishing the work over the summer Alice!

Welcome to Isabelle

19 June 2017

We are delighted to welcome Isabelle, who will be working with us over the summer  as part of her Masters degree at Une Ecole de l'Institut Mines-Telecom in  Saint-Etienne. We hope you enjoy your time here Isabelle!

May 2017

Welcome to Tony

29 May 2017

We are delighted to welcome Dr Wing Keung Cheung (Tony), who has joined as a PDRA on an HBLB funded project to develop imaging tools to investigate tendon mechanics in horses. We hope you enjoy working with the team Tony!

Farewell to Dharmesh

24 May 2017

We all enjoyed an evening out to say goodbye to Dharmesh and wish him luck for his next challenge. We are sad to see you go Dharmesh!


April 2017

Screen team netball win

7 April 2017

We all enjoyed another sports afternoon with Martin Knight's group to celebrate the start of the Easter holidays, and were delighted to achieve a second netball win - well done team! 

March 2017

Professor Screen talks at the International Olympic Committee Conference

16 March 2017

Professor Screen joined a team to talk about tendinopathy - causes and treatment at the IOC conference in Monaco. 

February 2017

Professor Screen gives talk at EUROMech

13 February 2017

Professor Screen is giving a keynote talk at the EUROMech conference in Germany this month, outlining our work around tendon structure-function mechanics.

Congratulations to Dr Udeze Jyambere

10 February 2017

Many congratulations to Princess, who successfully defended her PhD thesis on 9th February. We all went out to celebrate on Friday evening and now look forward to graduation! Princess's thesis was entitled: The effects of loading frequency on tenocyte metabolism.

January 2017

Dan Rowson's paper makes JOR Cover

9 January 2017

Congratulations to Daniel whose paper on the primary cilia in tendon made the front cover of the latest edition of the Journal of Orthopaedic Research.

You can find the full article here

December 2016

 Christmas Party

20 December 2016

We all enjoyed our Christmas sports day and party with Martin Knight's research team, and are pleased to report a resounding win in the netball this year! 

PhD Position Available

16 December 2016

 We have a PhD position available, using ultrasound imaging to investigate human tendon mechanics in greater detail. We are looking for someone with a background in biomechanics or medical physics (ultrasound). 

Link to apply:

Most highly cited paper award

14 December 2016

Most highly cited paper award: Our paper "Microstructural stress relaxation mechanics in functionally different tendons" published in Med Eng Physics 2013 is is one of their top five most highly cited papers during 2014 and 2015!  

Read it Here!

PDRA Position Available

12 December 2016

We have a new two year PDRA position available, looking to develop ultrasound imaging to investigate tendon mechanics in greater detail. We need someone with a good background in medical physics and ultrasound imaging. Link to apply:

November 2016

Farewell to Chavaunne

14 November 2016

We are all sad to say goodbye to Chavaunne, but delighted for her success, achieving an Arthritis Research UK Fellowship based at the Royal Veterinary College, in which she will focus on interfascicular matrix cells. Well done Chavaunne and Good Luck!

October 2016

TV Appearances

6 October 2016

Over the summer, we helped film an episode of the award winning CBBC show “Operation Ouch!” In which they were investigating just how amazingly strong tendons are.

We had a great fun performing the experiments. Here is a picture we took with the presenters, Drs Chris and Xand van Tulleken.

The show is airing on Monday 31st October at 5pm. You can find more details about the series here too:

July 2016

Graduation Day

22 July 2016

Congratulations Dharmesh - we all enjoyed watching you graduate on Friday!

Summer Away Day

15 July 2016

We teamed up with Martin Knight's research group again for an away day in North London, involving outdoor adventure at Go Ape! We had great weather to enjoy a picnic after all the activity - well done to everyone for braving the heights!

Group attends SB3C2016

4 July 2016

A number of us attended the SB3C conference in Washington this summer, presenting studies relating to tendon healthy mechanics and the behaviour of tendon cells under different physiologically relevant types of loading.

June 2016

Papers Published

24 June 2016

We have had a paper pulished in Acta Biomaterialia describing further the fatigue resistance of the IFM in energy storing tendons. The elastic behaviour of the IFM appears critical for tendon healthy function. We have also published a fun letter in and the Journal of Biomechanics considering tendon nomenclature which we hope will engage the community in further discussion.

Professor Screen Interviewed for a Women in Engineering blog

23 June 2016

Professor Screen recently talked to Elsevier about her research and why she chose engineering as a career: 

April 2016

Dr Thorpe and Professor Birch talking at a special BORS Instron mechanical loading event

4 April 2016

 Instron are running a special session at an upcoming BORS event, looking at mechanical testing of soft tissues. Dr Thorpe and Professor Birch will do a joint presentation, concerning the difficulties in testing tendon and some of the various solutions we have developed. 

March 2016

Professor Screen talking at the IOC Conference next year

28 March 2016

 The international Olympic Committee are holding their 2016 conference in Monaco, and Professor Screen will be talking as part of an exciting session looking at tendinopathy management:

Symposium 12: Prevention of tendinopathy; how to play the game? 

Abstracts accepted for SB3C2016

14 March 2016

Congratulations to Chavaunne, Princess, Daniel and Dharmesh, all of whom have had their abstracts accepted for presentation at the 2016 Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference in Washington DC. Chavaunne has an oral presentation looking at fatigue properties of the IFM, and we have posters covering tenocyte mechanotransduction behaviour under both 10Hz loading and stress deprivation, as well as on human tendon mechanics.

Presentations at BSMB

7 March 2016

Congratulations to Marta and Dharmesh who have both had their abstracts accepted for oral presentation at the upcoming British Society of Matrix Biology meeting in Chester. We will be covering some of our latest data about IFM function in the human Achilles tendon and how elastin is highly localised to the IFM to facilitate fascicle sliding. They are pictured on the side standing by their posters.

February 2016

Journal of Anatomy paper published

22 February 2016

We have just published another article further describing the compositional differences between positional and energy storing tendons, highlighting the increased levels of lubricin and elastin in the IFM to enable fascicle sliding. Congratulations to our two summer students, Kabelan and Jade for their first publication!

Chavaunne T Thorpe, Kabelan J Karunaseelan, Jade Ng Chieng Hin, Graham P Riley, Helen L Birch, Peter D Clegg and Hazel R C Screen (2016) Distribution of proteins within different compartments of tendon varies according to tendon  type. J Anatomy

Tendon cilia paper published

15 February 2016

First tendon cilia paper from our group published: We have just published a paper looking at the effects of stress deprivation on cilia length in both the IFM and within fascicles. We have shown for the first time how the IFM is more susceptible to degeneration with stress deprivation and how the cilia are more responsive to these changes. (Feb 2016)

Rowson D, Knight MM, Screen HRC (2016) Zonal variation in primary cilia elongation correlates with localised biomechanical degradation in stress deprived tendon.  J Orthop Res. doi: 10.1002/jor.23229

Our Research Featured in Horse and Hound Magazine

11 February 2016

Our recent findings published in the Nature Journal "Scientific Reports" were featured in Horse&Hound magazine last week!!

 Chavaunne Thorpe, Mandy Peffers, Deborah Simpson, Elizabeth Halliwell, Hazel Screen, and Peter Clegg (2016) Anatomical heterogeneity of tendon: Fascicular and interfascicular tendon compartments have distinct proteomic composition.

Here's the link for the paper: 

January 2016

Scientific Reports Article Published

4 January 2016

We have just had a paper accepted in the Nature Journal "Scientific Reports": Chavaunne Thorpe, Mandy Peffers, Deborah Simpson, Elizabeth Halliwell, Hazel Screen, and Peter Clegg (2016) Anatomical heterogeneity of tendon: Fascicular and interfascicular tendon compartments have distinct proteomic composition.


December 2015

Congratulations to Dr Liyong Jia

23 December 2015

Well done to Liyong who successfully defended his thesis "The mechanical role of GAGs in the aortic valve" funded by a China Scholarship, just before Christmas. What a great end to the year! 

October 2015

Job Vacancy

26 October 2015

Sports and Exercise Medicine at QMUL;
and Musculoskeletal physiotherapy at Bart's Health NHS trust.

Band 8a Research Physiotherapist  and Extended Scope Practitioner

This is will be a joint post with the substantive employer being Sports and Exercise Medicine in the William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI) of Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry, within Queen Mary University of London. There will be an honorary contract and clinical work with the award-winning Bart's Health NHS trust MSK physiotherapy department.

Applications are invited for a band 8a research physiotherapist and extended scope practitioner to co-ordinate and drive forward a range of research projects under the academic supervision of Dr Dylan Morrissey, NIHR/HEE Clinical Reader and consultant physiotherapist. The projects include clinical trials, evidence synthesis and clinical reasoning tool development. You would join a thriving team of researchers at masters, doctoral and post-doctoral levels who also deliver two of the UK's premier SEM degrees.

Please address informal enquiries to

Applicants will be encouraged and assisted to apply for external funding to obtain fellowships from NIHR ICA scheme or other relevant funding bodies.

The post is full-time and fixed term for 1 year, with there being every chance of extension based on the success of subsequent grant applications. Starting salary will be approximately equivalent to Agenda for Change band 8a per annum with inner London Allowance. Benefits include 30 days’ annual leave, defined benefit pension scheme and interest-free season ticket loan.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate their eligibility to work in the UK in accordance with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. Where required this may include entry clearance or continued leave to remain under the Points Based Immigration Scheme.  

Details about SEM can be found on SEM website or Tendon research website and we have a thriving calendar of events e.g. an ongoing educational activity with 80 students and recent conferences in September on Tendon meeting and our 17th Annual Scientific meeting

To apply, please click the “apply for this job” link below. The closing date for applications is 20th November 2016. Interviews are expected to take place shortly afterwards for a negotiable start date.

Valuing Diversity & Committed to Equality


New Paper Accepted

15 October 2015

We have recently had a new paper accepted in the Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal with Dr Sarah Morton as lead author MLTJ-2015-02417-R2. Entitled “Tears of the fascia cruris demonstrate characteristic sonographic features: a case series analysis”.

The abstract is as follows:

: The study aim was to describe the radiological features of fasica cruris (FC) tears in order to enable differential diagnosis and implementation of pathology specific management.

Methods: The ultrasound reports and images of >600 patients attending a specialist musculoskeletal imaging clinic for Achilles tendon ultrasound scans between October 2010 and May 2014 were reviewed. Any patient diagnosed with a FC tear was identified in the database and a structured data set extracted. All ultrasound images were performed by an experienced consultant musculoskeletal radiologist. Bilateral Achilles and calf images were available for analysis in both the longitudinal and transverse planes.

Results: Sixteen patients from a data set of over 600 subjects were diagnosed with a FC tear (mean age 37.8; range 23-61). Fourteen were male and two female, with the majority elite level sportsmen. Nine tears were right sided and seven left with eight situated laterally and seven medially. Achilles tendinopathy co-existed in 13 of 16 subjects. All subjects reported pin-point tenderness, corresponding to the area of change detected on ultrasound.

Conclusion: FC tears should be considered in the differential diagnoses for Achillodynia, diagnosed using ultrasound alongside a consistent clinical history and examination. Future research is required into the optimal treatment of FC tears.

Please contact Dylan Morrissey, the lead author, for further details as required.

t: 07941710273
a: Mile End Hospital, Bancroft road, London E1 4DG

Congratulations to Dr Victoria Tzortziou-Brown

12 October 2015

Well done to Dr Victoria Tzortziou-Brown who successfully defended her thesis "Professional interventions to improve general practitioner management of common musculoskeletal conditions" funded by Arthritis Research UK. The viva was a proper ‘grilling’ but Victoria performed brilliantly and will now get on with publishing the outputs of her studies – the first being a Cochrane review due out very soon.

Congratulations to Dr Dharmesh Patel

7 October 2015

Well done to Dharmesh who successfully defended his thesis "A novel fibre composite system to investigate tenocyte metabolism under physiological and pathological loading conditions" funded by Arthritis Research UK. Both examiners commented on how well he performed during his viva, and we were all delighted to take Dharmesh out for a celebratory drink at the end!

September 2015

Congratulations to Daniel Rowson

10 September 2015

Well done to Dan, who won a prize for the best poster at our conference Advances in Tendon Research: From Bench to Bedside, for his research looking at the primary cilia in tendon.

Conference Success

9 September 2015

Thanks to everyone in the organising group for all your hard work - our conference "Advances in Tendon Research: From Bench to Bedside" was a great success.

We held the conference at QMUL on 7-8 September, and welcomed over 100 delegates from academic, industrial and clinical backgrounds. With four keynote talks, workshops and a range of open sessions and posters, there was a great mix of basic and translational science.

July 2015

Welcome to Beryl and Martha

22 July 2015

Beryl and Martha have joined us from Uganda for a few weeks as summer student, and will be working with the group on tendon mechanics.

Conference Keynote

20 July 2015

Dr Screen has just returned from the International Society of Biomechanics conference in Glasgow, where she gave a keynote lecture about tissue mechanics, including an overview of some of the groups work.

June 2015

Abstract Submission is now open

15 June 2015

Registration, abstract submission and bursary applications for the Conference:Advances in Tendon Research: From Bench to Bedside’, sponsored by the Company of Biologists, are NOW open!

Deadline for receipt of abstracts is 24th July 2015.

Abstract submissions are made on-line here. When you click on the abstract submission link you will be asked to enter text into a series of forms. Members of the society will need their membership number and password, and some of the form will automatically be filled in from the BSMB membership database; please ensure that the auto-filled information is correct.

  • Abstracts should be restricted to 350 words and structured with an Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results and Discussion. The abstract text may be entered directly, or cut and pasted from a pre-prepared document.
  • Please remember to enter Greek characters and other symbols using the character set provided. The process should be straightforward, and will generate publication-ready abstracts in journal format.
  • Do not include any figures or tables.
  • Please do NOT include any references.
  • Poster and oral presentations may cover any area related to tendon research.
  • There will be poster and oral presentation competitions for eligible applicants (PhD students and post-docs in their first 3 years) with prizes.
  • A number of abstracts will be selected for oral presentation (10 minutes duration + 5 minutes discussion) at various points throughout the programme. Speakers will be notified in advance of the meeting and advised of acceptable formats.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the Bone and Joint Journal Abstracts will be reformatted according to the Bone and Joint Journal’s guidelines.
  • If you wish to opt out of publication, please inform the conference organisers when you submit your abstract.

Welcome to Jade and Kabelan

10 June 2015

Both have joined us for project work over the summer. We hope they enjoy working with our group

April 2015

Two more papers accepted

7 April 2015

We have recently had two more papers accepted. One on tendon micromechanics and the fatigue behaviour of the IFM, and one using microdialysis to investigate how shockwave therapy affects cell metabolism in the Achilles. 

Thorpe CT, Godinho MSC, Riley GP, Birch HL, Clegg PD, Screen HRC. (2015) The interfascicular matrix enables fascicle sliding and recovery in tendon, and behaves more elastically in energy storing tendons. JMBBM.

Waugh CM, Morrissey D, Jones E, Riley GP, Langberg H, Screen HRC (2015) In vivo biological response to extracorporeal shockwave therapy in human tendinopathy. Eur Cell Mats

March 2015

Conference Attendance

28 March 2015

 We attended the International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons and the Orthopaedic Research Society conference in Las Vegas, enjoying some great science at both events. Well done to Dharmesh and Chavaunne on excellent presentations.  To celebrate, we enjoyed two days in Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park after the conference

February 2015

Conference announcement: Advances in tendon research - from bench to bedside - 7 and 8th September 2015 - London

12 February 2015

We are pleased to announce that the British Society for Matrix Biology (BSMB) satellite meeting “Advances in tendon research – from bench to bedside”  will be held in London in September 2015.

This meeting will bring together leading scientists and clinicians from across the tendon and musculoskeletal research fields, providing a forum for clinicians, engineers, modellers, industry and biomedical scientists to interact. The conference will begin with workshops led by international experts, to help individuals from different fields develop a basic understanding of the techniques and concepts used in other fields, and subsequent conference sessions will cover cross cutting themes (see website for contributors).

An exciting programme of internationally renowned speakers has been confirmed, including Prof Helen Birch, Prof Michael Kjaer, Prof Jeff Weiss and Prof Jess Snedeker.  There are also many slots available for short talks and posters that will be selected from submitted abstracts. Abstracts on any area of tendon research are encouraged, and all submitted abstracts will be accepted for poster presentations. Abstract deadline is the 24th July 2015.

BSMB members will benefit from a reduced registration fee, and presenter bursaries are available for eligible BSMB members. Please see the conference website for further details. The registration deadline is 31st August 2015.

More Conference Talks Success

10 February 2015

Congratulations to Dharmesh Patel and Chavaunne Thorpe, who have both had abstracts accepted for oral presentations at the International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons this April in Las Vegas. Chavaunne has also secured an oral presentation at the International Society of Biomechanics in Glasgow in July this year.

January 2015

Two New Journal of Orthopaedic Research Papers Published

26 January 2015

We have recently had two papers accepted in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research, following the successful New Frontiers in Tendon Research held in New York last September.


  • Screen HRC, Birk DE, Kadler KE, Ramirez F, Young MF (2015) Functional Extracellular Matrix. Journal of Orthopaedic Research


  • Spiesz EM, Thorpe CT, Riley GP, Birch HL, Clegg PD, Screen HRC (2015) Tendon extracellular matrix damage, degradation and inflammation in response to in-vitro overload exercise. Journal of Orthopaedic Research

Tendon ECM damage, degradation and inflammation in response to overload

The role of inflammation in tendon injury is uncertain and a topic of current interest. Inflammation is clearly present in some tendon injuries, but the long term, chronically painful tendon injuries often seen by doctors show no signs of inflammation. This is surprising, and has caused scientists trying to understand how tendon injuries develop some confusion. Without understanding how injury develops, it is hard to successfully develop treatments.
Recent data from our group and others suggests that long term chronic tendon injuries do show inflammation early on after injury, but that inflammation has often disappeared before the patient sees a doctor, which is why it has been missed. In this project we wanted to investigate this further and see how different types of loading may initiate tendon inflammation.
We took small section of tendon, and subjected them to loading simulating different amounts of use, such as low effort exercise like walking, and more demanding exercises like fast running for five or 30 minutes. Following those exercises we looked at the response of the tendon cells to the load, especially focusing on enzymes related to inflammation and tendon matrix breakdown.
We found out that a small amount of inflammation occurred early on after any exercise, but that with more exercise, the amount of inflammation increased. This is interesting, as it suggests that tendons do consistently respond to loading with inflammation, but that this might actually be beneficial and an important part of how they stay healthy, helping them respond to any damage from use. We now need to learn more about how to manage the inflammation and help the tendon heal effectively after injury.

Science and Engineering Faculty Celebration Day

14 January 2015

We started the year with the Science & Engineering Faculty Celebration Day and were very excited to meet Professor Bonfield, who presented Marta with a certificate in recognition of her being the very first Bonfield Scholar at QMUL. We all had a very enjoyable evening.

December 2014

SJMSS Article Published

30 December 2014

We've just published an article in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports investigating the inflammatory response of tendons to overload injury. We have shown that the interfascicular matrix is constantly turning over faster than the rest of the tendon matrix. However, in response to overload, the whole tendon shows inflammation and a degenerative response.

C. T. Thorpe, S. Chaudhry, I. I. Lei, A. Varone, G. P. Riley, H. L. Birch, P. D. Clegg and H. R. C. Screen (2015) Tendon overload results in alterations in cell shape and increased markers of inflammation and matrix degradation. Article first published online: 30 DEC 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/sms.12333 

Tendon inflammation in response to overuse

Tendon injuries are common both in athletes and the general population. Unfortunately, the ability of tendon to repair is very poor, so injuries will often persist for many years. We have a limited understanding of how tendon injuries develop, which has restricted our ability to produce effective treatments.

Scientists have always thought that tendons are damaged as a result of overuse, and that the cells in tendons are unable to repair the damage. Many previous studies have not shown any evidence of inflammation in damaged tendon tissue. However, these studies were often carried out on tendons several months after the injury occurred, and so do not help us to understand the early stages of injury development.

In this study, we specifically looked at the immediate response to tendon injury, in order to try and understand the process more fully. We took pieces of tendon and subjected to them to high loads, simulating the conditions leading to injury. We then looked at the tendon response to damage straight away.

We found that damaged tendon had higher levels of various markers of inflammation, as well as increased levels of tissue breakdown, all indicating an early inflammatory response from the tendon cells. This inflammation soon after an injury may actually be beneficial to the healing of tendons. The potential to change this response provides exciting avenues for future research, and may help us prevent long term tendon damage altogether.

November 2014

New Advisory Board Positions

19 November 2014

Dr Screen has been invited to join the advisory board for the next annual conferences of both the International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons and the British Society for Strain Measurements, making 2015 a busy year! 

ORS Abstracts Accepted

10 November 2014

Congratulations to Dr Chavaunne Thorpe and Dr Ewa Spiesz, who have both had abstracts accepted for the Orthopaedic Research Society conference next year. 

October 2014

EVJ Review Article Published

1 October 2014

We've just published an article in the Equine Vet Journal, providing a complete overview of all our work looknig at how equine energy storing tendons function effectively.

Thorpe CT, Spiesz EM, Chaudhry S, Screen HRC, Clegg PD (2014) Science in Brief: Recent Advances into Understanding Tendon Function and Injury Risk

September 2014

New Frontiers in Tendon Research Conference

11 September 2014
Dr Screen has just returned from an NIH and ORS sponsored tendon conference in New York, looking at shaping the future of our field. As part of the team running focus groups at the conference, she will now be involved in writing a review article on the topic.

International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium

5 September 2014
Congratulations to Dr Chavaunne Thorpe, Dr Ewa Spiesz and  Daniel Rowson, who all achieved oral presentation opportunities at the ISTS conference in Oxford.

Arthritis Research UK

2 September 2014
Congratulations to Dharmesh Patel, who gave a talk on his latest research to the Oliver Bird-Arthritis Research UK PhD conference at Kings College London, receiving some excellent feedback. Thank you to E. Stamatiades at Kings College for providing a super photo of the event!

July 2014

World Congress of Biomechanics

7 July 2014
Dr Screen attended the WCB in Boston, and gave two invited talks covering some of our latest research concerning tendon mechanics and injury.   

JMBBM Paper Published

1 July 2014

We've just published a paper showing how creep fatigue damage affects  positional tendons, and comparing some of the different methods of analysing local mechanics in samples. We've shown that the cells may not be tightly attached to the matrix, and subsequently shielded from some of the applied strain.

Shepherd JS, Riley GP, Screen HRC (2014) Early stage fatigue damage occurs in bovine tendon fascicles in the absence of changes in mechanics at either the gross or micro-structural level. JMBBM  

June 2014

Good luck to Mathilde and Marta

20 June 2014

Mathilde and Marta have just finished and are submitting their MSc projects. We wish them luck for their vivas and the remainder of their degree programmes. We went out to Hyde Park to celebrate their finishing this week  (June 2014)

May 2014

Research Away Day

12 May 2014

We teamed up with Martin Knight's group for an away day at Box Hill in Surrey. We all enjoyed a fun day out, and even managed to star in a film by local producers about the Box Hill area!

April 2014

Acta Biomaterialia Paper published

16 April 2014

We've just published a paper showing the fatigue loading of tendon fascicles not only causes their specialised spring-like features to breakdown, but that this relates to how well the fascicle is able to recoil after loading. Good recoil is important for healthy tendon function, and we have shown that ability to recoil gets worse with ageing. These findings may help to explain the mechanisms leading to tendon injury (April 2014).

C.T. Thorpe, G.P. Riley, H.L.Birch, P.D.Clegg, H.R.C.Screen (2014) Effect of fatigue loading on structure and functional behaviour of fascicles from energy-storing tendons. Acta Biomater. 2014 Apr 16. pii: S1742-7061(14)00165-2. doi: 10.1016/j.actbio.2014.04.008.

Congratuations to Marta Godinho

1 April 2014

Marta has successfully been awarded the new Bonfield PhD scholarship to begin her PhD with our group in September, looking at "The Role of Elastin in Tendon Function".

Welcome to Mathilde Lestoille

1 April 2014

We welcome Mathilde, who has come to join our group for the next 4 months, working towards her Masters in Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique. She will be working on characterising the mechanics in different types of tendon fascicles.

March 2014

Lab visit from Jill Cook

1 March 2014

We were delighted to welcome Professor Jill Cook to a group meeting today, covering research outputs from our group and that of Dr Dylan Morrissey. We all enjoyed an exciting morning of presentations, learning about each other's latest research and sharing new ideas.

January 2014

Journal Royal Society Interface published

16 January 2014

We've just published a paper describing more of the specialist mechanisms by which energy storing tendon function and damage. We've shown the fascicles are coiled like springs to be fatigue resistance but repetitive loading causes them to unwind and become less efficient. We've seen unwinding happens with age, which may explain the age related increase in tendon injury. (January 2014)

C.T. Thorpe, G.P. Riley, H.L.Birch, P.D.Clegg, H.R.C.Screen (2014) Fascicles from energy storing tendons show an age-specific response to cyclic fatiue loading. J Roy Soc Int

Welcome to Dr Ewa Spiesz!

8 January 2014

We welcome Ewa who has just started with the group on a three year Arthritis Research UK funded project to learn more about tendon injury processes. She will be looking at the matrix material holding the tendon together, as we think this might be the key component controlling healthy tendon function. We hope you enjoy working with us Ewa.

November 2013

Dr Chavaunne Thorpe on the HBLB racehorse health website

16 November 2013

The Horcerace Betting Levy Board have funded Chavaunne's work for a number of years, specifically funding her prize winning research at the recent ISL&T conference. They are as pleased about the award as we are, and she is featured in their latest news article:

October 2013

Dr Screen Interviewed by Arthritis Research UK

16 October 2013

Dr Screen was interviewed by Arthritis Research UK to tell their readers more about the research she is doing and how Arthritis Research UK are supporting her work. The article (some of which is below) is on their website in full.

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