New Paper Accepted

15 October 2015

We have recently had a new paper accepted in the Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal with Dr Sarah Morton as lead author MLTJ-2015-02417-R2. Entitled "Tears of the fascia cruris demonstrate characteristic sonographic features: a case series analysis".


Background: The study aim was to describe the radiological features of fasica cruris (FC) tears in order to enable differential diagnosis and implementation of pathology specific management.

Methods: The ultrasound reports and images of >600 patients attending a specialist musculoskeletal imaging clinic for Achilles tendon ultrasound scans between October 2010 and May 2014 were reviewed. Any patient diagnosed with a FC tear was identified in the database and a structured data set extracted. All ultrasound images were performed by an experienced consultant musculoskeletal radiologist. Bilateral Achilles and calf images were available for analysis in both the longitudinal and transverse planes.

Results: Sixteen patients from a data set of over 600 subjects were diagnosed with a FC tear (mean age 37.8; range 23-61). Fourteen were male and two female, with the majority elite level sportsmen. Nine tears were right sided and seven left with eight situated laterally and seven medially. Achilles tendinopathy co-existed in 13 of 16 subjects. All subjects reported pin-point tenderness, corresponding to the area of change detected on ultrasound.

Conclusion: FC tears should be considered in the differential diagnoses for Achillodynia, diagnosed using ultrasound alongside a consistent clinical history and examination. Future research is required into the optimal treatment of FC tears.

Please contact Dylan Morrissey, the lead author, for further details as required.
t: 07941710273
a: Mile End Hospital, Bancroft road, London E1 4DG