Dr Alex Scott

Alex Scott



Alex Scott is a graduate of the UBC Physical Therapy program, and the UBC Experimental Medicine PhD program. His research targets a widespread problem, overuse injuries and chronically painful tendon disorder in workers and athletes. Dr Scott is the lead investigator on an international, multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial investigating the efficacy of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in combination with exercise for patellar tendinopathy. He is a coinvestigator on a local randomized controlled trial examining intramuscular stimulation (a form of acupuncture therapy) as a treatment for Achilles tendinopathy. His laboratory is examining the basic biology of tendon responses to mechanical loading and/or injury. His research has been highlighted and supported locally by organizations including the WorksafeBC, Professional Association of BC and the Health Sciences Association, nationally through CIHR sponsored events and seminars, and internationally including sponsorship by the Canada-Scandinavia Foundation and the Swedish Research Council. He maintains active collaborations with Oslo University, Umeå University, and University of Paris. His work has been incorporated into a widely used web-based clinical guideline (UpToDate©).