Prof Henning Langberg

Henning Langberg



Henning Langberg is Professor at the Institute of Public Health at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He has published more than 135 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals listed in PubMed as well as a long list of book chapters in the area of sports physical therapy, basic science and related areas. At present Henning Langberg is one of the worlds leading researcher on the adaptation of human tendons to exercise and loading (from basic science to clinical guidelines for tendinopathy treatment). He has served in many international and national scientific and professional organizations including as a board member for the International Federation of Sports Medicine (2001-2009). He is recipient of several international and national awards including the Research Award of the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapy. Henning Langberg is a highly used lecturer at national and international conferences and has plus 100 lectures and keynotes presentations within the area of sports medicine. He is a clinical specialist in sports physiotherapy announced by the Danish Physiotherapy association.