Dr Jennifer Shepherd

Jennifer Shepherd



Jenny Shepherd is a post-doctoral researcher with an interest in the injury and regeneration of biological tissues and the role biomaterials can play in repair. She completed a MEng in Materials Science at the University of Oxford, before a PhD in the production of ceramic scaffolds for bone repair at the University of Cambridge. In her early post-doctoral career she moved to the application of synthetic collagen structures in the repair of load-bearing soft tissues such as tendons. Attempting to replicate the structure of these tissues led to a desire to investigate the natural tissues further and she joined QML as part of a Wellcome Trust Project considering the mechanics and biology of developing tendinopathy. The project investigated the initiation of micro-damage as a result of in vitro fatigue loading and the effect this had on tendon extension mechanisms, local strains & cell deformation. She has recently left QML, returning to the University of Cambridge to apply the experience gained to 3D engineered environments for regenerative medicine. In her spare time she enjoys travel, running, swimming, going to the gym and undoing all the good work by baking and eating out.