Completed Projects

Previous funding has resulted in a wide range of key findings, advancing our knowledge in the tendon biomechanics or mechanobiology field. Details of these can be found here:

Project Image

Tendinopathy: Treatment effects and mechanisms (Tendinopathy TEAM)

NIHR/HEE CAT Senior Clinical Lectureship scheme

Fig 1: PEG-Peptide rod seeded with bovine tendon cells and stained with Calcein AM.

Human Tenocyte metabolism under pathological and physiological loading conditions

Arthritis Research UK Funded: NE/PhD/19598
National Institutes of Health USA Funded: R21

Confocal Image showing elastin organisation in the equine superficial digital flexor tendon. Longitudinal sections were immustained for elastin (red) and cell nuclei (blue).

Establishing the Role of Elastin in Tendon Function

Bonfield Scholarship - Institute of Bioengineering Queen Mary University of London

Images of tenocytes attached to rods in the composites

Using hydrogels for novel tissue engineering applications

Leverhulme Trust Funded Visiting Research Professorship

SEM image showing helix structure in an SDFT fascicle

Investigating aging in equine tendinopathy

Horse Race Betting Levy Board Funded: T23